Things I’m Grateful for: Fresh Snow, Groomed Trails, & Amazing Coaches

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Coaches at Kincaid by Hannah Pratt

Junior Nordic hasn’t even started yet, and you can already ski just about any ski trail in Anchorage. So yeah, I’m grateful for all the snow this year!

But skiable trails aren’t just about snow. So, I’m also grateful to everybody at NSAA for all of our amazing trails. That includes Craig and Bill (our hardworking groomers), the army of volunteers who work on the trails year-round, the NSAA members and donors who pay for it all, and the talented NSAA staff who keep the whole thing organized.

And most of all, I’m grateful to be a part of the community of dedicated Junior Nordic coaches. (There are 137 of you guys this season!) Our program is a rare treasure, and anybody who’s been lucky enough to be associated with Junior Nordic as a skier or a coach (or both!) knows that. You guys are the reason Junior happens, and you’re the people who ensure that there’s a next generation of Alaskan skiers.

So happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

Oh, and the coaches in the picture (for left to right) are:

  • Coach Geoff, Co-Site Director for Kincaid M/W Evening and Head Coach for the Junior Nordic program
  • Coach Addy, Ready 2 Race Site Director, Head Hawks Coach for Kincaid M/W Evening, and an Otters for Kincaid M/W Afternoon
  • Coach Caleb, Site Director for Kincaid M/W Afternoon and Head Wolverines Coach for Kincaid M/W Evening
  • Coach Duncan, Substitute Coach (wherever you need him!) and the Junior Nordic specialist at Alaska Mountaineering & Hiking (AMH)

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