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Hello Junior Nordic fans! For my first post here, I wanted to give everybody some details about the purpose of this site. Broadly speaking, Junior Nordic News is here to do four things:

  1. Keep participating families informed about the Junior Nordic Program. Just like the Anchorage School District, NSAA the uses the Remind system to provide regular program updates. Remind is great for quick messages, but occasionally, we have Junior Nordic news that doesn’t fit neatly info 150 characters! When that happens, we’ll post to this site. And don’t worry about missing anything, since we’ll always send you a Remind link to the content if it’s something critical.
  2. Keep Junior Nordic coaches up to date. Just like with our families, we use the Remind app to keep our coaches up to date. We’ll use this site for long-form messages to coaches when Remind isn’t enough.
  3. Provide educational content to members of the Junior Nordic community, including parents and coaches. There’s a lot to know about cross-country skiing, and of course our whole program focus is on teaching kids to ski. But we want to take a holistic approach to building a strong XC ski community. That means also helping our coaches grow in their role, and helping parents know what it takes to raise a happy and successful skier.
  4. Offer a comprehensive calendar of family-friendly Nordic ski events. There’s a lot of fun stuff to do on skies as a family in Southcentral Alaska, and we’ll do our best to make sure that you know about all of it. We’ll also provide updates about fun “ski-adjacent” winter events involving iceskating, sledding, and snow biking.

That’s about it. We’ll be building content year-round, so stay tuned for regular contest. Oh, and I should note that we’ll be featuring pictures from NSAA’s annual photo contest in our posts.

And we really want to make this stuff relevant, so if you have ideas for cross-country skiing posts, just head over to the Contact page and let us know. In the meantime ski happy and I’ll see you on the trails!

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