Get Ready for the Kincaid Sprint Relay!

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Anchorage Cup Fun by Addy Wright

Hi Junior Nordicers!

This upcoming Sunday, December 12th,  is the first AMH Anchorage Cup race of the season (woohoo!). The Anchorage Cups are a series of fun, lowkey community races for skiers of all age and ability levels. The Junior Nordic Ready 2 Race program provides race support for all Junior Nordic skiers who participate in the Anchorage Cups. This includes everybody from our eager new Polar Cubs to our fastest Hawks. Race support includes helping with bib pickup, leading a group warm up, getting kids on the start line in time, and assistance in navigating general race day chaos. 

There is a race fee of $10/race for Junior Nordic skiers. You can sign up for a single race, or for the whole series! This weekend’s race  is a sprint relay taking place at Kincaid. To get registered for the race, follow this link: AMH Anchorage Cup Registration

The youth race format is 2 skiers x 2km x 1 lap. The youth race has a start time of 1pm. To reduce race day chaos, it helps to find a relay partner ahead of time— your regular junior nordic group is a great place to find a partner, but if you don’t find one ahead of time, skiers can link up on the day of the race. Also note that parents are absolutely welcome to parter with their young skiers.

If your skier is planning to race, please arrive at Kincaid by 11:45. A crew of Jr Nordic coaches will be onsite to assist with bib pickup, finding relay partners, and warm ups. We will be located in the stadium near the tunnel— look for the Ready 2 Race flag! 

The weather is looking a little bit chilly this weekend, so cross your fingers for above zero temps! For more information about the race series, the race schedule, and information about weather and cancellations, follow this link: AMH Anchorage Cup Information

Hope to see you there!

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