What Happens if I Have a Problem With My Junior Nordic Skis or Jacket?

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A Dragon Takes Flight by Addy Wright

The life of a Junior Nordic ski is a tough one, and we see a number of common wear-related issue with our equipment. The two most frequent are probably malfunctioning bindings and “delaminating tails,” which is when the top and bottom of the ski start to pull apart starting from the back of the ski.

We also see occasional problems with jackets, including both rips and broken zippers. But whatever your issue, don’t fret! We always have spare skis and jackets ready to go. To pick up a replacement, simply stop by the NSAA office any time between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM with your old equipment, and we’ll send you away with fully functional gear. NSAA’s ski elves will then do their best to make repairs.

There is no need to call or email us in advance, and NSAA’s office address is:

203 W. 15th Ave. #204
Anchorage Alaska 99501

If you can’t make it to the office for any reason, please talk to your site director either before or after practice to make alternate arrangements. And unfortunately we don’t have any spare “flying dragon” suits.

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