Junior Nordic at the Hickok Skiathlon

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A Hawk in Snow by Dave Ward

Hi Everyone!

Coming up this Sunday (Jan 9) is the Hickock Skiathlon AMH Anchorage Cup. A duathlon (skiathlon) is a race where the first leg is classic and the second is skate. There are a couple of different race options available. Junior Nordic will be providing race support for the following options:

  • 3.2 Classic – 1:00 PM start time (recommended for Polar Cubs and Otters)
  • 5k Classic Only – 12:50 PM start time
  • 5k Skiathlon – 12:30 PM start time (recommended for Hawks, Wolverines, & ambitious Otters)

We’ve missed quite a few practices recently because of the cold temperatures. Sunday looks like it’s going to be much warmer, and this should be a fun opportunity to get some time on snow with your fellow Junior Nordic-ers!

Skiathlon Overview

There will be two separate courses for the different techniques. There will be lanes in the stadium to lay out the skiers’ other set of skis/poles before starting the race. The skier will first ski the classic course, and when it brings them back to the stadium, they will ski into the lane where their gear is, step out of their classic skis and into their skate skis, and head out for their next lap! We will chat with them about how this works on race day so that they can see it all in action.

What Ski Gear Should Your Skier Bring for the Skiathlon?

This is somewhat dependent on what gear your skier has, but in general:


Skate and classic skies or combi skis


Skate and classic poles or Whatever set of poles your skier usually skis with


Skate boots or Combi boots

Race Details & Signup

For race details, you can check out the NSAA website here:


To sign for the race, go here:


Note that race registration closes on Saturday at 10:00 PM, and there is no day-of-race registration.

Please arrive an hour before your skier’s race starts. The Junior Nordic Ready 2 Race crew will be located in the stadium near the tunnel. And remember that, as always, we’re there to help all Junior Nordic skiers, not just R2R participants!

See you on Sunday!

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