Following is a quick list of useful resources for Junior Nordic coaches:

Coach Application

Interested in becoming a Junior Nordic coach? We’re looking for full-time coaches, subs, and High School Buddies. You can check out our Practice Times & Locations page for list of Junior Nordic sites. And to get things started, just fill out our coach application form and one of our site directors will contact you for more info!

Remind Info

All coaches subscribed to both the @jncoaches class as well any site where they’re coaching. Here’s the page with all the necessary information, including class codes:

Subsitute Coaches

Need a sub? Check out the How Do I Use A Substitute Coach page. It includes both a procedure for using subs as well as separate sub-lists for Hillside, Kincaid, and Russian Jack. Note that this page is password-protected, so if you need access and don’t have the password, just ask your site director for it.

NSAA COVID-19 Mitigation Policy

Please review the NSAA COVID-19 Mitigation Policies page for detailed information about our plan for this season. Note that NSAA reviews and if necessary updates this policy on a monthly basis.

Helpful Files

Following is a list of useful documents for Junior Nordic coaches and site directors:

FilePost Date
Coach New Hire Packet12/17/2021
NSAA Employee Handbook 08-201812/17/2021
Parent Meeting Deck Template11/27/2021
2021-22 1st Session Sign-In Form (PDF)11/27/2021
2021-22 1st Session Sign-In Form (Excel)11/28/2021
2021/22 Coach Orientation Meetings

Following are links to the 2021 Junior Nordic coach orientation meetings in case you weren’t able to attend in person:

Substitute coaches should review at least one of the meetings. The content for each site is largely the same, so if you if you’re subbing in multiple locations, only need to review one meeting.